Gesamtkunstwerk 1020

Welcome! We are a group of people who currently live in New York City. We are artists, engineers, designers, architects, scientists, social workers... We share a common desire to exchange ideas, inspire, and be inspired. During each of our events, we invite 10 people from various backgrounds to give a 20 minute talk.

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Past Events

Session5. Jul 19, 2014

1. Xiang Cao Music An Introduction to Music Technology
2. Vincy Cheung Illustration Honesty in Art
3. Junrui Wang Interior Lighting + Jewlery Design Fast and Slow
4. Patrick de Perio Particle Physics Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe with Ghostly Particles
5. Haifeng Luo Mathmatics Probability and Decision Making
6. Renqian Yang Ceramic Freedom and Confinement
7. Bart Jan Polman Architecture On Indifference
8. Paolo Mele Curation Investigation on the Extreme Land
9. Bing Han Painting Using Representational Language to Paint the Abstract
10. Sissi Tang Social Innovation Little Cosmo Studio and I

Session4. Nov 3, 2013

1. Jerome Haferd / Brandt KnappArchitectureThe Rules of Play
2. Xin ZhouWriting/CuratingSite-Specific Screening Of Performing China
3. Kuan LuoDesignEverything I know
4. Y. Jenny XiaoPsychologySee Your Friends Close, And Enemies Closer
5. Jiaxin MiaoArtA Journey To Failure
6. Pieter Vanhove Writing/CriticHow To Do Things With Theory?
7. Laura Dickey CoreyArt HistoryReinterpreting Impressionism: Contemporary Exhibition Practices
8. Di Wang (rescheduled)ArtSeven Days At Cai Studio
9. Eric KuDesignMission Redefinition
10. Beyin DengReligious StudyCombating Islamophobia

Session3: March 10, 2013

1. Shuang LuAnthropologySquatting on Top of the City
2. Ceren ErdemCuratingCuratorial Practices in Contemporary Art
3. Kellen Qiaolun HuangArchitectureArchitecture's Challenge Through A Difference Lens
4. Kunter KulaContemporary ArtPerpetuating Art
5. Julia Di LongAmerican HistoryTill Divorce Do Us Part
6. Eric Ku (rescheduled)DesignMission Redefinition
7. Aubrey KnoxArt HistoryLife After Death: Albert C. Barnes and the Barnes Foundation
8. Justin TorresMuseumMuseum Security and Art-Making
9. Dongnan ChenFilmThe Trail from Xinjiang
10. Mo ZhouOperaA Complex Endeavor

Session2: Sept 16, 2012

1. Sijing ChenFasion DesignFour-Dimensional Animal
2. Xu WangArtRecent Works
3. Hang ChengPhotographyAss of China
4. Lei SuCuratingKitsch Art in China 1907-2005
5. Tao HanArchitectureUnauthorized Construction
6. Yi ZhuTheatreLifetime Fairytale
7. Nianlai ZhongUrbanism Dilirious New York
8. Xin Wang / Orit Ben-ShitritArt HistoryVive Le Capital
9. Tianjin ZhouFilmNot Only A New Form of Entertainment
10. Hui FangArt HistorySesshu's Selective Assimilation of Ming Style

Session1: April 22, 2012

1. Xi ChenBookFinding Cities
2. Xiaoyun FanPhotographyTruth of Imperfection
3. Xu HanPaintingTuantuan Meimei and Their portraits
4. Xu WangSculptureWander in the Rain
5. Nianlai ZhongUrbanismThe Significance of Yulin
6. Jia Liu AstrophysicsExploring Neutron Star
7. Xiaofei Mo CuratingProgramming Asian Art Archive
8. Xiaopeng WangArchitectureSpace for Art
9. Xin WangMuseumMet Matters
10. Xiaoyu WengCuratingPathways, Archives and Everything in Progress